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Monday, December 17, 2007

Don't Ruin the Holidays!

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This is an open letter to those of you who are out there to ruin people's holidays. You know who you are. Specifically, this is addressed to those of you who go around smashing open people's windows in order to steal their stuff. It's happened again at my theatre, and I see the grief that it brings to people and I hate it. It's the holidays, people! It's time to be happy and make merry. Scumbags like this don't even deserve to have a holiday.

A family outing to the movies turns into a depressing moment tonight. Again I had to call the police and watch a guest walk away disappointed that someone would do this to them. It makes me even more mad that there was nothing I could do about it. I wish we had more security, even cameras in the parking lots to help take care of this issue, but alas we don't. This is the only means I have to express myself to a large audience at this time, so I'd like to say it here.

I despise people who make a living by ruining other people's property and lives. You are scum.

When people go to the movies, they expect to be entertained, not have their stuff stolen. I understand that these people think they are making a living, but that is no excuse. I urge everyone not to leave things visible in your cars wherever you have to go. These thieves have struck over 50 times in the past three months. That's despicable. I really hope that they get caught and are put away for a long time. Maybe missing a few holidays will make them think again about what they've done to these people.

I try not to get angry about stuff like this, but when I could be the next victim, it just hits home a bit more. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to keep your cars and possessions safe? Do you feel comfortable parking your car in large public areas? Let me know!

2 Comments Posted!:

Prin said...

hehe, I always park my jalopy next to a better car. Preferably something German. :)

It does suck though. And sometimes, they do it for nothing. I saw a minivan with all the windows smashed once. :(

joen05 said...

I just got a nice car! So that's not good for me. Anyway I was pretty heated.. the first time it was the car right next to mine. That definitely didn't help.

Hopefully it doesn't happen again next week.