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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl

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Before I get started on this post, I'm still looking for comments! Only a couple so far :-( I can tell from the site trackers that there are plenty of people visiting.. just trying to get you guys more involved as readers! It helps provide the inspiration to write more. It can be a drag if it seems like you're writing just for yourself. Regardless, I hope that you are enjoying your time here!

Onto the content you're all looking for... B*tchy customers! This one was a doozy, and it happened last Thursday. I meant to write about it sooner but the holidays crept up on me much quicker than I anticipated. Setting the stage... I was upstairs grabbing the posters that we needed for the coming weekend, so that they could be put up. (For some reason, people at my theatre can't seem to find their movie without a poster of that movie in front of the entrance. Too hard to read the ticket? They actually get mad if you don't have it.. go figure!) Anyway, I get a call down to guest services, letting me know that a guest had a pass that was invalid for I am Legend but she wanted to use it anyway. So I make my way downstairs, as I figure it'll be a quick fix. Just explain the policy and the restrictions on the pass, she'll buy a ticket or see a different movie. Simple.

When I get downstairs, there is no one at the Guest Services counter. I walk around, asking the staff if they saw anyone. Everyone says that they saw her walk in that direction at least. Then one of my employees who was in to see a movie let me know that she actually went into the movie. Great. The other manager and I proceed into the theatre to go look for the girl. I wasn't expecting to find her, as the movie had already started, and it was pretty dark in there.

Scanning the crowd as I walk through the aisle, something catches my eye. Two girls who attempted to pull their hoodies over their heads and cover their faces. A bit suspicious, especially since it happened right after I walked by, lol. So I go up to them and ask to see their tickets (The girl who snuck in would not have one). One of them proceeds to pull out her ticket.. and the other proceeds to blow up on me. Ok.. looks like I've found her. I ask her to step out of the theatre so I can speak to her in the hall. She instead screams that I am embarrassing her and her friend. Ignoring that, I insist that they step outside, as I don't want to cause more of a disturbance in the theatre than has already been created.

Once we're outside, she proceeds to scream at me some more, about how its ridiculous that we wouldn't take her pass, how she was told that it was just the first weekend that the movie was out. Trying to be reasonable, I told her that she could check the pass, and it would say that it's not valid on "special engagements", which are typically the first two weekends, not the first weekend. After explaining to her what a special engagement was, she said that its not her fault and she was going back in. I told her that there is no way she is going back in without a ticket. Of course, she has no money. But her friend does! Not good enough though, because she insists that she needs to go home to get money. Fine.. I'm ok with that.

But she wants me to pay for her cab. Whoa. I say there is no way that I am paying for a cab for her to go home and get money. She can leave instead, and I won't escalate the issue. Instead, she wants to get the corporate number. I go to get that for her, and she asks for my name, the GM's name, and the phone number for the theatre. Fine... done and done. She then says she needs my last name...which I tell her she does not need. She then says "Well, I don't want to get racial about it when I explain it, but I guess I have to." WHOA!!!! WTF?!?!? Ok...

After all this, she and her friend proceed to pull out all coins to pay for their ticket. She has the sweetest smile on her face and says "Can I pay here?" (Guest Services). I point to the Box Office and say "Nope. Over there." On her way over there, she says "I hope you two have fun losing your jobs over this." The other manager states her fear at being fired over this. Daddy's little girl proceeds to say "My dad is a lawyer." Struck fear into me actually, having her dad take on a team of corporate lawyers... I say "See you next week, when I'm still here." She pays for her ticket, and I don't hear from her again.

Still haven't heard from him yet, and I know I won't. It's stupid issues like this that make me really angry. Parents, learn to control your kids... this is what happens when they think they're all deserving. I hope her dad laughed at her when she explained this, I easily could've kicked her out instead of listening to her.

Please... keep em coming. One thing about the holidays is that people are actually very nice... so no complaints about the past weekend!

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Calista*Was*Here said...

I hope people will come and comment, Joen05.
You write well.

(No, I wouldn't come back. For now.)

Enjoy your holidays!

joen05 said...

I think Rafael meant to post here... luckily it was only during the previews, so no one asked for their money back.

MandyPoo said...

She sounds like a spoiled little brat. Seems like she just needed some good old fashioned discipline! ;o)