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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Movies This Weekend!

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Alright, I know I'm not perfect, but there was no excuse to miss last week's post! I don't even remember what happened, but I know that I didn't get it out. I'm sorry folks. I wish that I were a better blogger. However, hopefully you will forgive me, and continue to read on about the movies that are going to be shown this weekend!

Here we go.... what's this... ONE MOVIE????? GASP. :-(. Promise me you will still go to the movies. Right...? You will???! Yay!!!! :-).

Awake - From the Weinstein Co, Jessica Alba and Hayden Christiansen star in a psychological thriller about "anesthetic awareness". A phenomenon in which the patient is fully awake during anesthesia but paralyzed so that they cannot move, Christiansen's character faces this, while his new bride (Alba) must struggle with her own demons as a terrifying drama envelopes them.

How I think it will do - Well.. it has Jessica Alba, so that will help. However, with this "wide" release that is not coming to every theatre, the gross will most certainly be less than spectacular. Look for one of the remaining films to continue at the top, while Awake should break into the top 5. I'd like to see it, but I'm pretty confident this one won't be a blockbuster.

More Movies! Limited Releases!!!

The Rage
The Savages
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
The Rocket
Oswald's Ghost
Aaja Nachle
Sex and Breakfast
Buddha's Lost Children
The Sasquatch Gang
Mama's Boy
Divine Intervention
Chronicle of an Escape

Well, I suppose if you can't find a wide release you want to see, you can go check out your local indie theatre or megaplex to catch one of these fine offerings. Of course when I say "fine offerings", take that with a grain of salt because I haven't seen any of these. You can find write ups of these over at Rotten Tomatoes, or IMDB.

I've got to take a bit of time and catch up on my other blogs, but I'm glad that you've continued to read while I've been away... I've got to catch up on yours too!

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