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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Movies This Weekend!

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Phew, I remembered this post this week! It helps me decide what movie I want to potentially watch on Thursdays, so you would think that I would never forget. Anyway, the limited release bonanaza has returned this week, though there are still only a few openings wide. This might be just the thing that Hollywood is looking for because they did pretty well last weekend. Speaking of that, I want to add the box office widget back to my site... lost it back then when I foolishly tried to redesign. Anyway, here we go with the movies! (Poster Images from Rotten Tomatoes)

Lions for Lambs - Two students from a West Coast College follow the inspiration of their professor and do something important with their lives. They head to Afghanistan and join the battle. As they fight for their lives out in the field, they find that they are the link between two disparate stories on the opposite coasts of America. Through their trials and the political battles being fought back home, they become closer, and realize that each one of them has an important impact on the world.

How I think it will do - I admit that I haven't heard too much about this movie, but given the topic I think it will have a decent showing. It's got a lot of star power in Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, and Tom Cruise (I know.) It looks like it could be a really compelling drama. It could hit the top of the box office, but I'm not quite sure about that yet. I do think we are getting this movie, and we are a smaller theatre, so it could have huge expectations.

Fred Claus - Fred has always lived in the shadow of his little brother. No matter what he does, he can't live up to him. They have grown up to be the exact opposite, with Nicholas being the greatest giver, while Fred is a Repo man who steals what he repossesses. After landing in jail, he is bailed out by his little brother, under the condition that he works back his debt by making toys. However, Fred isn't exactly an elf, and the problems that he causes could drive his brother to the brink of insanity.

How I think it will do - I think this is a bit early for a Christmas movie. Thanksgiving day is more appropriate. I do like Vince Vaughn, however, this movie looks a bit too cheesy for me. The plot looks ok but I can't really see myself seeing this one. Knowing that its coming out does turn on the Christmas spirit in me though, and that good feeling might drive some people to seeing this movie.

P2 - Angela is the last one at her office, determined to close another deal before she leaves the office. When she goes to her car, she finds the garage deserted and her car won't start. A security guard comes by to help and invites her to stay with him and share Christmas with him. She is then knocked unconscious and tied up in his office. If she's going to make it home to her family, she has to find her way out of the garage alive.

How I think it will do - Uhh.. This plot doesn't seem too great. However, it is kinda cool that the movie theatre I used to work at was located on Level P2. That would be the interesting factor for me. The trailers look ok, but I'm not expecting anything big out of it. It makes it to the top 10, but that's about it. It's also not getting as wide a release as the others being released this week.

More Movies! Limited Releases!
Lake Dread
No Country for Old Men
War Dance
Nightmare Man
I'll Believe You
Om Shanti Om
The Life of Reilly
Steal a Pencil for Me
Mulberry Street
The Sacred Family
Tooth & Nail
Crazy Eights
The Deaths of Ian Stone

That's all this week! Check back later for more!!!

5 Comments Posted!:

matt said...

I want to see that Lambs movie. Does that make me a dork?

joen05 said...

Kinda, but I won't hold it against you.

whatagem said...

Joe, we talked about spread shirt, remember? I just wanted to say that I came up with dozens of hilarious sayings, but I can't sell the shirts because it won't let me do shirts with only changeable type!

HA HA!! I guess I'll have to get my pencils out.

PS--I have a new post for the men

Matt said...

Gotta admit that I want to see Lions for Lambs. Tom Cruise is the President, right? So trippy.

I like Vince Vaughn in supporting roles and honestly, I think Fred Clause looks awful. Is it for adults or children? It looks like it's for neither.

I'm probably not going to see P2 either. Makes me think of Enough in an office garage. No thanks.

joen05 said...

@Matt, thanks for the insight.. I saw parts of Fred Clause and it didn't look too bad.... but it's probably not the greatest thing..