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Friday, September 7, 2007

Review: Shoot 'Em Up

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Shoot 'Em Up. You're probably thinking.. oh great... just another shooting movie. Well, you're right! And it was excellent. From the very beginning, it had a Sin City feel to it, and Clive Owen delivered an excellent performance as the nearly unfeeling hero, Mr. Smith.

Needless to say, there is a LOT of shooting in this movie, and its definitely not for the weak of stomach. Mark Davis, the director of this film, manages to have our hero use some very interesting implements in disposing of his enemies. From the title, you'll expect guns. And you'll get a lot of them. Then there are the things you don't expect. Like carrots. Yes. Carrots. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Davis also did an excellent job in creating a great feel to the movie. Like I said before, it really reminded me of the atmosphere of Sin City. There were more colors in this one, but it really brought out the emotion in the characters, and also a nice sense of humor.

With pretty much non-stop action from beginning to end,many scenes leaving you with a feeling of "did that just happen?" or actually making you cringe with what just happened, this is a gritty, awesome action thriller. Monica Belluci was nice to look at, but her accent did make her part seem a little unbelievable. Giammatti surprised me as a well thought out, sinister villian. He also brought quite a bit of humor into the movie, as subtle as it may have been.

I definitely recommend this movie for anyone who's looking for a lot of action. At a paltry 86 minutes, this movie won't take up much of your time, nor does it feel short, but will leave you talking about afterwards. It gave me quite the adrenaline rush. If you liked Sin City, I think there is a good chance you will like this movie. Some of the things they do are just freakin incredible! If you see it, let me know what you think!

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Well, I'm off to celebrate my birthday, by working!

9 Comments Posted!:

Prin said...

hehe, and so you did. :)

Happy birthday. :)

Ash said...

This one comes out Friday over here in the UK and I cannot wait. This looks fantastic, Clive Owen, Paul Giammati and the gorgeous Monica Belluci! What's not to like?

Great post!


Skittle said...

I think I will sit this one out. This is a "me time" movie for Damian. In otherwords I have a week stomach for blood, and cannot watch these movies. Thanks for the warning.

Happy Birthday!

whatagem said...

I still can't go to the theater. Was gonna go see Simpsons when it opened; Husband still on crutches.... Friend told me, i HAVE to see Superbad. What, by myself?

Deadpoolite said...

Happy Birthday!

I read on Total Film (a UK movie mag) that the director of shoot em up claimed that all he wanted was to have as many original shooting sequences crammed in the movie without much dialogue in between:)

From your assessment it seems that his masterplan worked like a charm:)


joen05 said...

@ash, definitely go see it! I got to see it a day before cuz we had it and I wanted to lol. It came out on friday here as well.

@whatagem, come up to my theatre and watch the movies, lol. You do have to see superbad! I'll watch it with you.

starttothink said...

Happy belated birthday!
Hope you had a great one!
I used to wait tables, and on my bday I wore a "it's my birthday" in. The tips POURED in. Too bad movie theater managers don't get tipped - you coulda made some extra moola.

joen05 said...

Hmm.. interesting concept. I'll have to try to work that in somehow next year, lol.

Johnskibeat said...

I'm gonna check this out. I was hoping Giammati would be excellent and it sounds like he is.

Just reviewed 1408 - check that out.