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Friday, September 14, 2007

Halloween 2007: An Experience

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I'm sure of many of you have at least heard of Rob Zombie's remake of the horror classic, Halloween. We've all got our own opinions of it, and whether you think its great or terrible is really up to you. If you have seen it, I would like to know what you thought of it. I've seen about half of it myself, and it was definitely a gore-fest.. not particularly scary, but definitely really messed up.

Digging around, I stumbled upon The Last Psychiatrist. In his blog entry, he's basically telling about his experience when he saw Halloween. He too, thought that the movie was quite messed up, not really staying true to spirit of the Halloween franchise. However, it was not the movie that was the scariest thing he saw in there. What he did see I might consider even worse than what was being shown on the screen. Children in the theatre. And we're not talking 12-13 year olds here. He said they looked 3 and 5. Now I'm no judge of parenting, but that could really mess up your kids. Leave them at home for those movies... they disrupt the people in there if they cry and you are really messing with their heads.

Now as you guys know I've had to deal with people sneaking into the movies, and that can be an annoyance, but its nothing like what we recently had a complaint about. A guest and her boyfriend recently came to my theatre to see Halloween. However, they had to leave because of the style of filming. It made them motion sick. That's fine with me, I can understand that shaky filmwork can be sickening at some point, and added to the gore and other stuff in that movie.. it can really make sense.

However, she couldn't leave it at just that. She stated that as a company, we should be responsible for posting warnings about movies that may cause motion sickness. She also stated that we refused her refund (untrue) AND asked for more money back than her tickets were worth!! That just pushes the limit! We will not refuse a refund unless you have seen more than half the movie, and even then we will probably offer passes. In addition, how are we supposed to know what will make people motion sick? If we posted warnings like that people might buy less tickets, and what incentive is there in that? We can't know what will make you motion sick.. its not like an Omni theatre where you're surrounded and can get overwhelmed.

It makes me a little angry that she would say we are responsible for her experiencing motion sickness. And to ask for more money than you paid is unreasonable. Some people just love to complain. I'm sorry that she got sick during the movie, but don't put the blame on us, all we were doing is showing a movie.

Let's be reasonable folks.

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Kay said...

Wow, that was totally unreasonable of her. She was the one who wanted to see the movie, so ostensibly she knew kind of what the movie was going to be like. She really should have been aware of what she was going to subject her eyeballs to.

Even if she was more queasy than she had anticipated, she should not have asked for MORE money back than the price she paid.

Some people have such a large sense of entitlement that it boggles my mind. Sorry you had to deal with that!

Greenleaf said...

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Calista said...

Busy or slow weekend?!

Dianne said...

Hmmm... I heard that this flick was pretty decent and am interested enough to rent it on DVD (not enough to actually see it on the big screen). Guess that's not what you want to hear when you are in the theater business.

That woman patron was out of line. People like that make you hate the human race just a little more.

BTW, what's up with that greenleaf spam-ment? Don't you hate those?

joen05 said...

Calista, it was quite the slow weekend! But there were a few huge baseball games going on in Boston, so that was the reason for it being so slow.

@Kay I know! It's just crazy sometimes!

joen05 said...

@Dianne, yeah this might be a better movie for the rental. Maybe for a quiet night if you want to laugh and get a bit scared, lol. How did you find my blog? Just wondering. I visited yours!

Deadpoolite said...

Just put a rollercoaster ride outside the main entrance:) More money for ya and whoever survives the ride definitely doesnt have motion sickness and can watch the movie:)

It is a win win situation for you friend:)

P.S. Seriously though(referring to the viewers in your post) some people are too dumb for words...:)

whatagem said...

WARNING! Rob Zombie is one sick dude. Leave children at home or risk your back seat being covered in vomit.

matt said...

I think I kind of want to see this because Mr Rob did it.

joen05 said...

It's definitely an experience, Matt. If you liked other movies he's done you will likely enjoy this one!

@DP that sounds like a great idea! Maybe we should build that theatre!

Steven said...

I left the theater before the movie was over and waited outside for my wife. Once the adult Michael Myers escaped the mental institution, he just started killing people over and over again. At that point, there was no plot and just gore.