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Friday, July 27, 2007

LATE for work

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Wow, I can't believe how long it took to get to work this morning. 2 and a half hours from when I left my house! Turns out there was a pretty serious accident but I could have avoided the traffic by listening to the news in the morning. I'll have to definitely do that more often. There was one really weird thing about the drive... there were these two girls driving next to me, and one had her foot out the window and was screaming for no reason. Guess she thought it was pretty funny to be stuck in traffic? Anyway, I was weirded out by that cuz she kept staring and laughing at me, and I don't like being watched (by strangers anyway)!

I missed the end of the Simpsons when it was being watched last night, so I'll give my update on that and also "No Reservations" after I get home from work. Impressions from what people think about both will also be posted!

Getting back to things I don't like about people at the movies, a guest informed me that the lobby was "filthy" and made her want to throw up last night. I looked around, and it was nothing that was really out of the ordinary. A few guests had just spilled their popcorns, and someone put wayyyy too much mustard on a hot dog and decided to leave the rest at the counter. I called someone to clean it up right away, but what really made me upset was the she implied it was my fault. "You're the manager, right? How can you let this place be run like this? I've never seen anywhere this bad before." Honestly lady, it wasn't as bad as you made it seem. If she didn't want to come back, it'd make me happy. She even needed to add that "it better be clean when I get out of my movie." NO LADY, I'M JUST GOING TO LEAVE THE MESS THERE. IT DOESN'T BOTHER ME AT ALL. Oh well, some people you just gotta deal with.

More later on, or tonight! Keep the comments coming!

2 Comments Posted!:

Technodoll said...

He he! Old skank was probably just pissed at men in general after being dumped for the Xth number of times... being bitchay won't get you anywhere in life but some people just prefer to believe it's easier to attract flies with vinegar than with honey. Tsk.

Glad you kept your cool! I haven't gone to the cinema in ages... i think it was over a year ago, at least. I just can't be bothered to make the trip downtown or to the 'burbs. I do miss it... hmmm. OK i have a question: why is the popcorn so darn expensive? LOL

joen05 said...

lol, it was pretty funny. The quick answer to your question as to why the popcorn is so expensive is because theatres just don't make money on tickets. We're lucky to get maybe a dollar off of ticket sales, and there's no way a theatre could stay open on that kind of profit! So... unfortunately the prices for popcorn, drinks, and everything else you can imagine gets inflated!

I know I feel bad when someone asks me for a water and I say $4 please. :-\